The choice of braces is a simple case or a complex treatment?

No bracket system without physician will not work. And the right choice of braces is only the beginning of a successful treatment. Select the appropriate need to get acquainted with the types of braces offered on modern orthodontic market. It is no secret that the advertised system of braces may not be suitable for your particular situation.

Division braces

For any system of braces is characterized by the separation of the aesthetic ceramic matte, transparent sapphire, plastic, and metal. Each of them is used to solve different degrees of task complexity. For simple cases - mild or moderate rolling, neutral occlusion, the choice depends largely on the client's wishes. For complex situations extensions jaw, large displacement, repair of traumatic occlusion or severe twisting of the teeth, the choice of braces made by other criteria.

The metal braces locks are made from metal alloys, so the teeth they are quite noticeable. While the aesthetic braces make as similar as possible to the tooth enamel, visually they are much less noticeable. Sapphire braces are made of special transparent synthetic sapphire crystal, ceramic making, respectively, from matte ceramic, and plastic from plastic. Ensures quality braces price (depends on system) and, of course, the reputation of a reliable manufacturer.

Place and methods of mounting brackets

There is also a division on the effectiveness of selected treatment method. In ordinary ligature braces arc fix it is a ligature that holds her to the bracket. In the system formed by the friction and the force that retards the movement of teeth. Braces without ligatures called self-ligating, the arc is attached by hooks or caps. In this system, the arc without difficulty glides in the groove and not pressed against the bracket. Accordingly, this can reduce the duration of treatment by about a quarter.

At the place of attachment to the teeth braces are divided into outer, so-called vestibular, and the inner or lingual. Vestibular brackets visible when talking and smiling, as installed on the outer surface of the teeth. Lingual system the opposite is neatly mounted on the inner surface, so they are not noticeable. Because the process of treatment hardly noticeable to others. This is especially important for adolescents who are highly sensitive to any changes in appearance.

Remember that braces are only complicated system bite. This treatment is individual and requires a thorough diagnostic examination. The success of the treatment determines the selection of a good dental clinic.

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