The new treatment will give a chance for a new life patients with aggressive forms of cancer. Using CRISPR/Cas9 experts from China have changed human immune cells with lung cancer. As a result, the disease was stopped. Writes the results in the publication Nature.

Previously, scientists have received permission from the Ethical Board of the hospital. The patient gradually died from tumor growth in the lungs. Thanks to a special technology, scientists were able to disable the PD1 gene that reduces the human immunity and accelerate the development of cancer. Having a population of modified T-lymphocytes, experts introduced it into the patient's blood.

At the moment the patient is preparing for the introduction of the second fraction of the cells. While the condition of the patient with cancer of human lungs is estimated as stable. As a continuation of the study, researchers planned to test the method on 10 patients with incurable forms of cancer of the lungs.

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