The Chinese have lived 24 years old with a heart in the stomach

The heart of a healthy person is located to the left of the sternum. It is located in the mediastinum is a special area, which is a niche for this body, as well as the esophagus, trachea, large arteries and veins. The mediastinum along with lungs encased in the rib cage, which can protect the body from shocks and mechanical impacts.

All this was initially deprived of Juan Gunmen. His heart since birth was located right in the stomach. The location of this organ is that it lies close to the abdominal wall. The slightest shock could cause a failure of the heart, was constantly breathless due to pathology, future surgical patient could at any moment to die from cardiac arrest.

The described case is a patient with a rare and occurs with a frequency of 5:1000000. The defect often leads to death immediately after birth, and life expectancy with this pathology in 24 years - a huge rarity. Juan was able to live to this age, thanks to the efforts of his parents who protected the child from all potentially hazardous factors.

Despite the relatively favorable course, the last time being Juan was getting worse, the situation required surgical intervention. Only with the publication of his story in the Newspapers the parents of the boy were able to collect the necessary sum.

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Hours of operation to change the location of the heart has been successful, reports the Daily Mail. Surgeons were able to move the heart from the stomach into the mediastinum of the thorax. At the moment, after the adaptation period the guy for the first time can quickly move, breathe normally. His quality of life has increased many times over, allowing him to continue to lead a healthy life.

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