The Chinese authorities have imposed quarantine for fear of the epidemic of influenza

Earlier it became known about the contact 11 people with chicken infected with avian influenza virus H5N2. The Chinese authorities took the decision to quarantine the entire group, says Xinhua, referring to the information received from the government of the Northern province of Hebei.

At the moment, doctors do not celebrate flu-like symptoms in people quarantined. None of them complains of weakness, fever and pain. Last Sunday the farm, which was recorded infectious lesion, was cordoned off and a complete disinfection.

on December 17, farm destroyed 4 thousand chickens. Part of them was infected with a virus H5N2, the other had constant contact and was at risk of spreading the disease. In laboratory studies, scientists have identified the causative agent of avian influenza. In sum, destroyed more than 125 thousand units of poultry.

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The farm was surrounded. There is the wife and the owner of the farm. The authorities forbade them to leave the territory. Health workers daily monitor their condition. The spread of the virus is highly undesirable, as it may result in a epidemic.

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