The child's ability in mathematics is formed on the prenatal stage

Scientists in the framework of large-scale studies have established that the child's ability to exact Sciences is formed on the prenatal stage of development. To prove his point, scientists have observed for thousands of women and their children from the moment of conception until the first years at school.

It turned out on the ability for mathematics and other exact Sciences is affected by the concentration of the hormone thyroxin in the body of the mother during pregnancy. The high concentration of hormone meet the skills to study mathematics.

Thyroxine is a hormone of the thyroid gland, deficiency of thyroxine conducts to decrease in mental abilities. The concentration of the hormone within the normal range is one of the guarantees of good brain development in the child.

Scientists have proved, on the concentration of thyroxine depend on the child's progress in physics, mathematics and other disciplines related formulas and analytical thinking. Interestingly, no relationship thyroxine with the ability to Humanities scientists have found.

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