The child in the womb has all chances to supanet

Not so long ago, experts from Denmark was given a number of sensational calculations that during pregnancy women can afford from time to time to drink alcohol. Allegedly drinking arising spontaneously during pregnancy or adoption per capita up to eight alcoholic drinks during the week can not bring harm to the fetus. Scientists from the school of medicine at the University of California (USA) was expressed outrage over such research results, and to them was assigned the reciprocal experiment, that will be the proof of the inconsistency of the findings of the Danish colleagues.

Kenneth Lyons Jones, MD and known expert in the field of congenital defects of man, about 30 years busy observing how alcohol affects pregnant women and their unborn children. Dr. Jones States: "to Think that alcohol is safe during pregnancy is one of the most horrible confusion. Especially harmful alcohol in the period between the 7th and 39th weeks. After all, every woman on alcohol different reaction. And those women who have to it is developed susceptibility, can achieve what their child is still in the womb can acquire fetal syndrome.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a distinct set of psychological and physiological disorders that are diagnosed in these infants whose mothers during pregnancy drank alcoholic beverages (this includes beer and alcoholic). Scientists in California are urging women in "position" and which, accordingly, expensive health with your child, not to take on faith newfangled studies claiming the existence of a safe dose of alcohol that can be consumed during pregnancy. Such "safe" alcohol units is not there.

The experience gained over thirty years of research has allowed Dr. Jones to make the following conclusion: "most of the abnormalities associated with fetal alcohol syndrome, occur in the baby's first two years of life, and by five years, reaching its climax. Babies whose mothers during pregnancy drinking alcohol, there are delays in the development of both physical and mental. Often the children of mothers alcoholics need to visit the specialized educational institutions.

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