The child can feel the mood of the mother in the womb

If You are preparing to become a mother, please note: depression and even small mood swings during pregnancy can cause complications in a child, because he feels the psychological state of the mother while still in the womb, according to researchers from the University of California in Irvine.

They found that children showed better results in tests of mental and motor abilities, if the mother's mood remained unchanged before and after she gave birth, even if the mother was depressed. But if the mother's mood has changed or became normal after depressed, or Vice versa became depressed - their children showed lower results in tests, scientists have discovered. The results show that the child's brain is able to recognize the mental state of the mother during pregnancy, and it affects his physical development. If the child in the womb is exposed to complex emotional conditions such as depression in the mother, it may have a greater risk of inadequate reactions in the future.

Scientists emphasize that the new findings do not mean that if a woman suffers from depression during pregnancy, it is not necessary to treat. You need to be more aware of postnatal and antenatal depression. Researchers are not sure of the way as babies get information about the psychological state of the mother while still in the womb, but perhaps it is through hormones, such as stress hormones released in the body of the mother.

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