The child begins to perceive the speech of parents with 6 months

The process of memorizing words from the parents the child begins approximately six months. To repeat memorized words children are still not able to.

Previously it was thought that the above described mechanism is started at a later age. However, a detailed analysis of the behavior of children aged six to 30 months proved that by six-month age the child is able to perceive not only the sound but also the specific words spoken by parents. Moreover, in some cases, children may learn whole phrases.

In the experiment, the parents were trying very young children to teach quite complex things, for example, to understand the concepts of "right-left". Of course, to achieve this two to three year old child was impossible, but the kids willingly followed the eye movements of their parents. Scientists believe it is one of the ways of assimilation of information.

Experts recommend starting to talk to children from the first days of life. This helps to build a tight psychological connection that will help in building a relationship of trust with the child in the future.

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