The chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health of Ukraine proposes to raise rates on alcoholic beverages

The chief psychiatrist of the Ukrainian Ministry of health Anatoly vievskyi proposes to increase excise taxes and prices for drinks with low alcohol content. He motivates his appeal to the fact that soft drinks are the most common in Ukraine among adolescents.

The study, conducted by the international company Espada, half under age girls used the so-called alcopops - alcoholic beverages. A little far behind boys of the same age. According to experts, despite the fact that these drinks are pretty cheap and have a sweet taste, they pose great harm to the body.

In order to prove the degree of harm from these drinks, representatives of the Ukrainian Association of alcohol prevention conducted an experiment: they poured alcoholic drinks for some time houseplants in pots. Three days later, the plants died. Now experts recommend to conduct the same experiment in schools in order to demonstrate that beverages with a low alcohol content are poison.

The chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health of Ukraine expressed his regret that in recent times there are active debates associated with raising the excise tax on beer, while speech about raising the price of alcoholic beverages is not at all.

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