The chief psychiatrist of Russia proposed to introduce designated Smoking areas are electronic cigarettes

Yevgeny Bryun, the chief psychiatrist of Russia, believes that users of electronic cigarettes does not differ from regular smokers. Should ban Smoking electronic cigarettes in the workplace and in public places, but instead, to access special places for electronic Smoking.

"I think e-smokers - they are the same as regular smokers, so they need to create a separate designated Smoking area. In recent times Smoking electronic cigarettes became fashionable trend, especially among young people," says his position Bruin.

Note, in June the Ministry of health has taken on a proposal for certain amendments to the law on the production and sale of electronic cigarettes. Activists demand the sale of nicotine solution and the devices themselves in pharmacies. Now the consumer can deal with poor nicotine can greatly harm your health in the shortest possible time.

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