The chance of having a healthy child with regular sex

Many have no doubt of the correctness of such claims, at the same time, experts believe that regular sex is required for couples wishing to have children.

According to the statement of researchers at the University of Adelaide, just a regular sexual relationship with your partner provide the woman a significant increase chances of conception and birth of a healthy child. The explanation of this pattern scientists find in the provision of women's immune system time to adapt adequately to respond to the appearance of spermatozoa and "pass" them, contributing to the achievement of the egg.

According to Professor Sarah Robertson, on average, partners need at least three to six months of regular sex, providing the immune system women the right response to the male sperm, thus providing the ability to conceive and that it is important to bear children, excluding any complications.

However, as Robertson noted, some couples delay this process for up to one year. One night in order to get pregnant, certainly enough, but it is a significant increase chances of miscarriage or other complications during pregnancy, such as preeclampsia.

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