The chamber will consider the bill on baby boxes

Special trays in which the mother can anonymously refuse a newborn child without consequences for his health, can become legal. Legal aspects of installation of baby-boxes will consider Russian officials.

While baby-boxes set in the cities without legal basis. Implementation experience in Kursk, Perm, and Krasnodar Krai. "At the end of March we will see the proposals of the legislators, will initiate a number of some possible changes, will attract public organizations that are for and against. Thus, the issue of "Windows of life" will be farmed out to the regions and at their level they will enact legislation which will regulate, where to put, how much and how", - commented Alexander Savin, head of the project.

Pavel Astakhov, Commissioner for children's rights, said the baby-boxes are dangerous to society. To use them more frequently than others are young mothers, it can cause "irreparable social harm". There and cursing the position. Vladimir Markin, the head of the press service of the Investigative Committee, I'm sure the pits – it's a decent tool to protect the lives of abandoned children.

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