The center of Moscow filled wheelchairs celebrities

In the framework of the action "Moscow. Access is" volunteers and celebrities, went to Moscow in wheelchairs to see how handy in the capital to live with disabilities.

In the campaign, with the support of the magazine "Big city" decided to participate a lot of people. Participants received raincoats and wheelchairs. Chairs actors, journalists had to get from the initial point in the garden "Aquarium" to the end - metro station "Mayakovskaya" where is city hall. Chief editor of the website "Big city" Catherine Krongauz said, the subject of the action applies not only to test possible chances of people with disabilities to safely navigate the city, but also the readiness of residents to the views of disabled persons on wheelchairs. As it turned out, even temporarily restrict their mobility difficult. The participants were tired hands to turn the wheel, and some at the end of the route confessed that to overcome such distances in a wheelchair by yourself is very difficult. But this is not the only difficulties that await in the big city people with disabilities.

Participants received from the organizers stickers with the image of the wheelchair. Some of the stickers was green, the other red. Red stickers marked that caused difficulties in walking. For example, in the first Elevator for people with disabilities in the underpass stuck one of the participants. Shops on the way to city hall, also received a red tag. The fact that their threshold of 7 cm can only be overcome by a well-prepared man, women to cope with it can't, they need outside help. But even if the stoop insidious and dealing with double doors, a disabled person is at risk not to reach the goal due to the steep stairs, and limitations in movement when managing stroller create additional complexity, for example, when you want to leave the house to the street, holding a Cup of coffee. However, the most difficult on the streets of Moscow for people with disabilities crossing the street by an underground passage. Existing ramps absolutely useless.

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As shown volunteers to go down in the chair in the transition alone, even impossible. To get to the other side of the street a disabled person can turn for help to the representatives of the DPS. And when he will give the signal to stop the machines, people in a wheelchair can finally cross Tverskaya. As summarized Krongauz, within 4 years of the campaign "Moscow. Access is" in the city of little changes. "Except that the steps in transitions painted in more vivid color. But we will continue until there is a practical result."

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