The cell phone in my pocket hurts the intimate life of a man

Scientists are still debating about the harms of mobile devices for human reproductive system. In particular concerned scientists question the effect of magnetic waves on potency. Australian scientists together with colleagues from Egypt argue that the strong effects enabled mobile phone can participate in the formation of erectile dysfunction in men, says CTV News.

Researchers studied 20 men with disabilities in the intimate sphere and 10 healthy men. Each volunteer filled out a questionnaire, which evaluates the intensity of use of mobile devices in everyday life.

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Strong differences in testosterone levels and other health indicators men were noticed. All volunteers were about the same age, nicotine dependence, and alcohol was not. It turned out that the men from the first group on average was included with the phone to 4.4 hours per day, while men from the second group - a total of 1.8 hours.

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