The causes of cervical cancer

In recent cases of female cancer occurs more and more. Cervical cancer is one of the types of malignant tumors, which, according to statistics, medical institutions, ranked 4th after cancer of the stomach, breast and skin.

Each year this disease find more than 550 thousand patients. Often the cancer of this type occurs after 40 years. But today more and more young women are turning to doctors with dangerous symptoms.

As for the causes of the disease, there are a lot of. Women in old age he may develop due to the impact on the body radiation or chemical carcinogens. Scientists have shown that tumors can be caused by complications from viral infections, among which the most dangerous are papillomavirus and genital herpes. Those who have the blood of both the virus and the chance of getting sick increases in 3 times. Thus, we can assume that the chance of getting cancer is sexually transmitted. It should be noted that these viruses are very aggressive, so even a condom is not a barrier.

Another cause of the disease is the presence of a large number of sexual partners (more than six). This trend increases the risk of cancer in 11 times. Data were obtained after long research, when it was discovered that almost all prostitutes common disease, and virgins she was rarely detected. In addition, girls who engage in sexual activity under 16 years, are also more prone to cancer. And if even at that young age happened childbirth, the risk is very high. Other causes of cervical cancer can be attributed promiscuity, a large number of abortions, frequent inflammatory and sexually transmitted diseases, hormonal contraceptives, poor immunity and even Smoking.

But to identify and treat the disease, it is quite possible, especially if the woman asked for help at an early stage. Today it is effective diagnostics in Germany, Switzerland and the United States, many local clinics also have high quality equipment and qualified personnel. This allows you to quickly diagnose and begin early treatment. But the woman, in no case, should not delay going to the doctor. Because cancer does not occur instantly. It is preceded by other diseases, like erosion, scarring, changes in the properties of cells. If there is any pain or other changes in health status, it is important to immediately consult the doctors.

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