The causes of alcoholism in women

The distinctive feature of female alcohol - dependence on the psychological state greater than in men. Women in most cases begin to abuse alcohol because of loneliness or death of a loved one. You have to be morally weak man to seek salvation in the drink. To this category of people may include Housewives, tired of the life, troubles with kids, always disappearing on the work of her husband. They are depressed and resentful, it is known that women are more emotional and are looking for an immediate way out of stressful situations requiring urgent support and empathy. If there is not, to replace them come alcoholic beverages, which are not so difficult to obtain. They are in the early stages of use just provide the desired euphoria and relief.

Alcohol dependence in women is produced faster. Very often, loved ones and don't notice it, because drinking woman tries to drink so that nobody saw (and due to the and not condemned), or in a circle of friends in misfortune. The family encounters the problem already at quite an advanced stage, i.e. when drinking becomes a daily bout. If your family affected by alcoholism, the treatment should be started as early as possible in narcologists, psychologists and psychotherapists as well as you can resort to coding from alcoholism in Moscow.

Recently among patients of narcological clinics can already see even girls 13 years. Alcoholism happens when one drinks alcohol regularly - more often than two times per week, every weekend, every day after school or work. When it comes to genetics and age, the dose of alcohol for women should not be calculated on the basis of body weight and age. That is, the period of time for which will become alcoholics young girl much shorter than the women in retirement. Also, the nervous system is organized so that women become alkogolichkami faster than men. The man turns into an alcoholic for 10 years, the woman for 1.5-2 years. Of course, such a framework is conditional.

Often the path to alcoholism starts with these drinks, which, in the opinion of the majority, much damage do not bring. It's beer, wine, cocktails. In addition, women rarely start with vodka, though the cases are different.

Earlier it was believed that it is possible to calculate harmless to the body, the dose of alcohol by a certain formula. Now it is wrong in connection with a probable genetic predisposition, where could be dangerous even in very small doses.

Alcoholism is quite the same problem as other economic and social problems. According to statistics, the age of the greatest number of cases is between 20 and 39-th years. Along with the problem of alcoholism has increased the relevance and prevalence caused by it problems of drug addiction.

Based on the data of the Russian statistics, the number of units sold products such as wine and beer increased. Vodka and champagne are sold at the same level.

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