The causes and manifestations of osteochondrosis

With this disease, caused by degenerative lesions of the articular cartilage and bone tissue around it, facing the majority of the adult population.

To the emergence of such diseases as osteochondrosis can lead to:- congenital and acquired defects of the spine (due to injury); - irrational physical exertion during sports; hypothermia; acute stress; - the impact of infections and chemical substances.

However, the main reason is another. Modern man, due to professional obligations, or simply living habits, a sedentary lifestyle. Constant sitting posture, the need to carry bulky and heavy bags - risk factors reducing elasticity and functionality of the intervertebral discs. This leads to the decrease of the distance between the vertebrae and, accordingly, painful clamp nerve roots. Clip provokes the development of edema in this area, which increases pain. With the progress of the disease of the intervertebral discs stop its shock-absorbing function in full, which causes more trauma to the spine and a gradual loss of flexibility.

The main symptoms of osteoarthritis: a sharp or aching pain in the back, neck, legs or chest. In the squeezing of the nerve experiencing painful symptoms in various organs, which often complicates the diagnosis of the condition. For the disease is also characterized by numbness or muscle tension. While squeezing the blood vessels that supplies blood to the brain, nausea, headache and tinnitus.

Modern treatment of osteoarthritis is based on an integrated approach, which includes the mobilization of all the resources of the body of the patient. In most cases, is used conservative treatment of degenerative disc disease (therapeutic exercise, medications, massage, herbal medicine). If there are significant complications (eg, herniated intervertebral disk) shows the operation. Use gentle techniques stretching of the spine in combination with reflexology and acupressure promotes the recovery of the patient and prevents recurrence.

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