The causes and course of thrombophlebitis

Thrombophlebitis can be easily identified by the characteristic vascular mesh on the skin. It begins with a simple inflammation. When the vessel becomes inflamed, there is a disruption of blood flow, the thin walls of the vessel are damaged and filled with blood. Thickened, blood forms clots. Learn more about thrombosis and its treatment can be found here.

Causes of thrombophlebitis different (it may be complex reasons):

the disease may be caused by varicose veins. In this case, no inflammation causes blood clots, and, Vice versa, due to the appearance of blood clots of the vessel wall become inflamed;

- thrombophlebitis cause any mechanical damage to the legs. As a result of fracture (no matter he or outdoor indoor) is injury to the veins of the sharp edges of the bone, the integrity of the vessels is disturbed, formed clots, inflammation begins;

injection drugs, causing irritation, swelling and, consequently, inflammation of the veins;

- on the development of the disease can influence genetic factors. If one parent suffers from thrombosis, the child should periodically visit the doctor phlebologist and to be especially careful;

- in patients suffering from oncological diseases, blood coagulation is accelerated, can begin the formation of blood clots - they also lead to inflammation and the development of thrombophlebitis. That is why after the patient was diagnosed with cancer, the doctor recommends him for examination and find out, does not begin his thrombophlebitis;

the disease can cause changes in the composition of blood;

in the group of high-risk pregnant women, people taking hormonal drugs, abuse alcohol, tobacco, leading a sedentary lifestyle and often experiencing stress.

Thrombophlebitis may occur in an acute form. In this case, a blood clot, inflammation and vascular damage occurs very quickly, within a few hours. The disease can develop gradually, periods of exacerbation are rare, most of the time the patient does not feel any painful changes - this means that thrombophlebitis occurs in a chronic form. There is such a thing as migratory thrombophlebitis. It affects a number of vessels, and inflammation periodically appear on the body and disappear.

Areas of skin affected superficial thrombophlebitis, painful to the touch, additionally, the clot can break off and migrate through the veins, which is very dangerous for health and life of man, so the disease should be treated immediately.

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