The cause of schizophrenia – gene mutation, scientists say

Key role in the development of schizophrenia belongs to genetic mutations, believe experts from Cardiff University. According to statistics, this disease is present in one percent of the world population.

There are genes, the disruption of the structure which leads to problems in the brain. Shifts the balance of neurotransmitters necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system. These disruptions can cause the development of schizophrenia, writes Neutron.

For their study, the researchers gathered genetic data on 13355 patients with schizophrenia and 16416 healthy volunteers. It turned out the structure of some structures in schizophrenia differed greatly from those of ordinary people.

"In the distant future, this publication can serve as a basis for special medical programs that will predict how a person is defeated at risk of becoming schizophrenic, and will select medications to combat this disease," said Hugh Perry, researcher at the University of Southampton.

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