The cause of gallstones is too fast weight loss

"People seeking to lose weight should do it gradually, to try to avoid the possible consequences of a negative nature. If hateful pounds to lose in a fast pace, the gall bladder can be earned stones," writes the newspaper The Daily Mail correspondent Jane Alexander.

D. Alexander notes: "For 30 years I have tried all today existing diet, but the result was always the one with great effort lost weight after some time returned. But, however, 18 months ago, I all managed to "lose" more than 25 pounds, completely abandoning alcohol and meat. Instead of almost 90 kg my weight began to be 63,5 kg".

And the first 20 kg has almost disappeared for a few months. Jane started to wear less than three sizes. But soon she began to have problems in connection with emerging severe pain in the abdomen, she had to call an ambulance. The diagnosis of the physician plunged her state of shock: it turned out that her gall bladder was formed stones. Ultrasound showed three growths and each diameter was about 1 centimeter. The doctor, the patient explained that the reason for the formation of stones could become, apparently, a sharp weight loss.

The point here is that during the period of diet is the imbalance between the salts of bile acids and cholesterol produced in the body. If the bile saturated with cholesterol, it threatens the formation of crystals, which in turn turn into stones.

To reduce the risk of stone formation in the gall bladder, the required building certain restrictions. In particular, it is not recommended to reset 1.5 kg or more per week. For weight loss, enough to eat in a day on 500 calories less, compiling such a diet with physical exercises that you must do regularly.

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