The cause of early aging - healthy lifestyle

Lazy people in its Arsenal have iron argument in favor of sedentary lifestyle. Experts, due to running man faster wrinkles.

Any expert from the field of fitness will say that running is the most popular and effective means of struggle against excess weight. Running at an average pace for one hour, or about 15-20 minutes of running at a fast pace help to burn about 500 calories. To achieve these results while riding a bike or walking, requires time and effort much more.

But the main advantage of running and turns in its main disadvantage when it comes to changes associated with aging skin. Due to the rapid burning of calories the body immediately deals with deposits of subcutaneous fat. This process makes the skin on the face is many times thinner. Meanwhile, after 40 years, the elasticity of the skin decreases by itself, so that running strengthens it, that promotes the formation of deep wrinkles and that's sad - aging skin.

British plastic surgeon Steve Mulholland says: "the share of my patients have already 25% "runners". C. Mulholland added - "Running can easily rank the main causes of premature aging and skin damage, along with this harmful habit like Smoking, and here you can add and harmful effects of the sun." Mulholland their patients recommends that you run less often and prefer the most secure physical exercise.

The organism is better to load in the room. Runners spend a lot of time outdoors, which in an urban environment can hardly be called healthy. He also has the ability to contribute to the emergence of the age characteristic brown spots and skin dehydration, resulting in wrinkles appear faster. And, finally, running contributes to the formation of characteristic wrinkled neck and droopy cheeks.

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