The cause of death of patients with acute reactions to drugs from Pakistan

Over the last three weeks in the cardiology hospital Lahore died, at least 36 people. The cause of death was drugs, appointed doctors, summarize the officials from the Ministry of health. The police carried out the arrests of the owners of two local pharmaceutical companies engaged in the delivery of drugs in the state Punjab Cardiology Institute, reported the BBC.

Themselves as the company does not comment on the situation. Doctors believe that one of the four drugs, at least, and caused the death of patients. More than one hundred patients were admitted in different hospitals of Lahore, who was beaten suspected acute reaction to these drugs after treatment in Punjabi heart Institute.

Says Dr. Javed Ikram College of Medicine, Allama Iqbal, the response to drugs about which there is a conversation, was originally due to almost instantaneous depletion of bone marrow, platelets and leukocytes, which in turn provoked the beginning of the bleeding, and then death.

Today, the drugs, the epicentre of the scandal, has already been sent abroad to carry out full investigations. Experts should determine which specific drugs were the cause of death of patients.

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