The cause of childhood obesity can be a TV in the child's room

According to the results of experiments that were addressed by the Centre for biometric studies, "Pennington" in America, it became clear that if a child spends about two hours behind the TV in the playroom, he was in danger of obesity.

In the experiment were used 369 children, as younger children, and adolescents. Scientists have removed all need for a study parameters: body mass to metabolic.

Eventually it was revealed that if a child spends watching TV for five hours or more per day, it threatens not only the problem of extra pounds, but also quite serious kind of obesity and visceral obesity. Plus because of the TV in the nursery there is a threat associated with the metabolism, and this, as you know, over time, can cause diabetes, and problems with the cardiovascular system.

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The researchers believe that because of the TV in the baby's room, sleep is not only unstable, but also short. Also changes in diet that child very badly. Researchers from America are advised to do without TV in the children's room and the best time of the child screen to minimize, and to walk with him on the air.

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