The cause of anorexia in a child become a healthy eating lessons

Parents James Fieldsend, teen age 15 years from East Yorkshire, whose weight in recent months fell to 28.6 pounds, put the blame school lessons about healthy eating in a detrimental influence on him, says the Agency The Daily Mail.

Anorexia, according to them, the child at the age of 7 years started to develop after school he was always talking about healthy eating and the dangers of products that were considered unhealthy. In the result, the child began to skip meals, and the food was selective. And in 2010 in the month of October physicians was officially diagnosed with anorexia.

It is known that those ill-fated lessons about healthy eating teacher students were handing out stars, but only those who are properly fed at home. In the end, James began to eat only apples, porridge and lean ham, refusing, as he believed, from harmful products. As he said that his food was not attracted.

And as a result, the child has developed joint pains, palpitations, and anemia. Doctors found that in the case if it is two weeks will win at least half a kilogram, then it will start severe deviations. But, thanks to the recommendations of a nutritionist, James gained weight, but the parents, there is concern that this improvement is only temporary.

Moreover, in addition to eating disorders, social aspect of the child is not very active, refuses to leave the house, communicates exclusively via the Internet, which indicates a wide range of mental disorders.

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