The cause of alcoholism - career growth

Most people think that rich people are the happiest in the world and they, of course, in no way affected by this terrible human problem - alcoholism. But according to a recent study by American scientists this view is refuted.

As it turned out that the highest quality education and status in society is not a deterrent for men and women from alcoholic drinks, but on the contrary, this status simply require to drink, well, at least just for the company. Research has shown that 81 percent of people in the year earning $ 75 thousand or more, consume alcohol not less than those who earn $ 20 thousand or less.

About 58 percent of the respondents were those who have received secondary education, about 74 percent of fans beverages containing alcohol were the people with the education that he received after he finished primary and higher education.

Even the experts are in complete bewilderment why the people below the poverty line prefer not to drink. "People are wealthy and those with no education are afraid of alcohol," he put forward such a curious assumption Stanton Peel expert addiction in the Huffington post. "They can't do their health risk and fear that resulted from the loss of control of my own self - you can lose your job".

Based on another study found intelligent people also have a tendency to consume alcoholic beverages in large quantities. Teens with high IQ drink due to the fact, to prove to others and themselves that they control not to lose. "People with high positions (heads of institutions, businessmen) drink only to conclude various agreements and transactions, as well as for better communication and location to yourself," says Stanton. Alcohol for this category of people is a kind of investment.

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