The cat can cause the growth of schizophrenia in the UK

The parasite, which spreads the cat, according to official data of strikes in Britain for day to 1 thousand people, according to Steve Connor-The Independent. Toxoplasmosis can cause serious diseases, as well as, most likely, is connected with the development of mental disorders, in particular schizophrenia.

According to statistics, at present, the infection rate of the population Toxoplasma gondii is through the roof. And this is a serious cause for concern, as this microscopic parasite forms cysts in the brain and other organs.

In addition, some researchers argue that the effect of toxoplasmosis on human personality. Infected more inclined to risk-taking, or, on the contrary, marked by slower reactions, he becomes mentally unstable and may cause injury to themselves or to commit suicide. To get an infection from contact with a cat, and while eating, tasting the meat of infected animals, eating nephropathy raw vegetable, which could remain Toxoplasma eggs in the ground.

Lamb, lying on the shelves of British shops, apparently, is the repository of Toxoplasma cysts are. If such meat is not subjected to adequate heat treatment, the eggs of parasites can survive. However, not all physicians agree with the panic of the researcher. As argued by The Independent citing Richard Holliman of the London hospital St. George: "pregnant women it is better to eat fully cooked meat, but it is difficult to insist on such recommendations for the whole population. There should adhere to the balance between risk and personal tastes of the people." Holliman cites the example of foodies who love to eat meat with blood. For such people there are fully-cooked meat will mean some kind of infringement.

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