The cases of pneumonia among the soldiers of the Samara region

According to IA Regnum, already 49 soldiers motorized rifle brigade of the Samara region was hospitalized in a medical facility garrison. As informed a series of publications, 37 conscripts were in a military hospital on Tuesday.

According to the Deputy military Prosecutor of the Central military district Vyacheslav Zaitsev, half of the patients were recruits who arrived in part during the spring draft. Patients are in a satisfactory condition, and four of them in intensive care. But there is good news - two soldiers already are preparing to transfer to a General ward. And, thank God, cases with bad outcome no.

For the past two days, cases among soldiers is not detected, as reported by RIA Novosti, the employee of the press service of the AOC. You can talk about stabilizing the situation.

In connection with the mass character of the disease in the part of the test was conducted by the military Prosecutor's office. Prosecutors called the main causes of disease: long building on the parade ground in the cold and rain, the close placement of the soldiers in the barracks, the lack of ventilation and delayed isolate the diseased military. The commander of the second army was made the presentation, which indicated that all of the above violations must be corrected at the earliest possible date and not the validity of a similar occurrence.

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To 24 June, according to the center for sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, revealed 239 soldiers with symptoms of respiratory infection, respiratory disease, pneumonia and bronchitis in the same infantry brigade. Check on this issue already held by the Commission CVO.

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