The capsule will help in the fight against excess weight

Balloon therapy is widely used in severe cases of obesity, when you cannot achieve results in the correction of the diet. Scientists have developed a better design called Obalon.

A person swallows a thin umbrella, which starts capsule. In the stomach, the capsule dissolves and releases the balloon. After the cavity with a probe is inflated, filling a portion of the stomach, and the probe is removed. The procedure can be carried out in several stages, and depending on the degree of obesity tanks can fill almost the entire stomach.

It is believed that this method of treatment allows to reduce the amount of food consumed, writes The Daily Mail. Reducing the amount of stomach faster leads to satiety.

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After balloon therapy oral protykatsya and removed. The maximum period of installation of the device Obalon - 3 months. Preliminary studies have shown that the installation of the tank allows you to lose about eight pounds in one course.

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