The candidate for presidents of the United States proposed to ban abortion

Donald trump, candidate for US presidents from Republican party, made a proposal banning abortions at the legislative level. In his opinion, the abortion should be punished by the doctors. His saying trump has caused outrage among civil society activists and medics. There are such positions and supporters.

"If Congress approves a law prohibiting abortion, and the Federal courts have recognized the act or any state will prohibit abortions due to local and Federal laws, a doctor or any other person who makes illegal the procedure the woman will be punished, not the woman. The woman - the hostage of circumstances, and the child in her womb," - says Donald trump.

In the U.S., abortion was legalized in 1973. Since then, women have right to abortion and medical care in this matter. Some States in recent years are trying to implement severe restrictions and enter clear indications for abortion. A striking example is the Texas. In 2013 it is impossible to terminate a pregnancy at term more than 20 weeks.

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