The world's first gene with anti-aging properties will appear thanks to Bompas and Parr, a British company. In the cocktail will include collagen, with special properties, says the publication The Times of India.

Now people can take the collagen capsules. In the field of cosmetology collagen – a very common tool. It is added to dietary Supplements, anti-aging creams and gels. Now it's time alcoholic beverages. Along with a drunk person will receive a portion of the substance, which should rejuvenate him a little.

Collagen is essential for maintaining the elasticity and strength of skin. Solar radiation and age-related changes reduce the quality of the skin, and the "Bank of the collagen in the body every year becoming poorer. As a result of developing cellulite, and minor cuts and injuries into scars.

Part alcoholic cocktail together with collagen will contains extracts of chamomile, tea tree, juniper, nettle and coriander.

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