The British intend to treat depression with drugs

British scientists from king's College London concluded that the drugs that are made from hallucinogenic mushrooms can help treat people suffering from severe depression. In their opinion, psilocybin, which is the psychedelic ingredient mentioned fungi affects areas of the brain suffering from depression patients. However, the British laws prohibit conduct research that would help professionals to make these drugs available to the broad masses of society.

The study found that, in fact a drug, psilocybin, can have a profound impact on patients with depression, as after his reception by the people felt happy for several weeks, and at the end of patients with obsessive thoughts and depression fully recovered.

For a more thorough study of the use of psilocybin as a treatment method, have been allocated over half a million pounds to start a new project testing the drug on 60 volunteers. The study leader, Professor David Nutt, hopes that he will be able to prove the efficiency of these substances in the treatment of depression, and thus, to legalize this practice therapy.

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