The British caught public transport after the easing of restrictions

Maintaining the recommended distance between people on public transport, especially in London, is virtually impossible, and only a small proportion of passengers covered her mouth and face, according to British media on may 13.

May 13 — first day of the first phase of the easing of restrictions in England, entered March 23, ending the epidemic of coronavirus. Wednesday-back to work those who cannot perform their work from home, everyone who works on construction sites, in industry or in agriculture. In addition, all the rest can get out of the house for physical activity, and meet in the open air with one person outside his house.

In connection with the expected increase in the number of passengers in public transport, the government has issued guidelines that say that people should, if possible, avoid public transport and, if they are to use to cover their faces and stay at a distance of two meters from each other.

However, as reported by the BBC and Sky News, in many places, especially on the subway lines and bus routes in London, it is almost impossible. The problem lies in the fact that most people don't cover their face, and that the subway and buses are too crowded, due to the fact that after the introduction of restrictions the frequency of public transport was reduced and has not been restored to its former level. According to Transport for London, management companies, public transport in the capital, the number of passengers early in the morning was 9% higher than last week.

Since the implementation of the recommendations by social distance is almost impossible, the trade Union of transport workers RMT has threatened that if the situation does not improve, you may need to stop the movement. RMT General Secretary Mike cash has told Sky News that strikes may be necessary to "protect employees and passengers," and employees should refuse to work if they don't feel safe. "If it is necessary to ensure the safety of people, we will stop the trains", - he said.

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