The British believe that old age comes at 59

According to the average UK citizen old age comes to a man when he reaches the age of 59 years, two months and two weeks. To this opinion of the experts of the Department of work and pensions in the UK, after conducting a survey among 2000 people.

The period of youth ends when the person reaches 40 years, eight months and two weeks. Despite these studies, the experts draw attention to the fact that each person has their own idea about the aging process, which may differ from the point of view of another person. In this case, the opinion about aging may depend on age, gender and even their positions.

For women, the retirement age is 60 years, four months and 2 weeks, and according to representatives of the male sex mark, which marks the beginning of old age is 58 years. Those people who have not attained the age of fifty years, believe that old age comes in 46 years, and those whose age was more than 50 years at the time of the survey, I think it comes in 62 and a half years.

For people living in apartment houses, old age occurred 5 years earlier than for the owners own home. And unemployed people were older, in their opinion, at 9 years earlier than those whose employment is full-day.

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Meanwhile, the men begin to consider himself old before women. People aged 16 to 24 years old consider that the average age is 32 years, and old age begins with the semi-centennial anniversary. And for people over eighty years, the average age was 52 years.

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