The British authorities intend to legalize IVF with 3 parents

The British authorities are going first in the world to legalize vitro fertilization (IVF) by mixing genes of three people. Thus, reduced the risk of severe diseases of the embryo, as in the process of fertilization defective DNA will be removed. The bill will be prepared by the autumn of the current year, and in case of its adoption, the first children in the conception involving three parents, will be born in 2015, the BBC reports.

It should be noted that in most organisms, mitochondrial DNA is inherited through the mother. If the mother has a defective mitochondrial DNA, her unborn child is at risk of becoming a victim of blindness, diabetes, muscular dystrophy and baked failure. In addition, this factor significantly increases the risk that the mother gives birth to a child with an incurable congenital heart defects and brain. When using a new technique of IVF from a female donor will be taken healthy mitochondria, and their transplantation into the body of the mother will significantly reduce the risk of all these problems. According to statistics, they have each of the 6,500 children.

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It should also be noted that this procedure will lead to changes in the genetic code of the child, which is already in this form will be passed on to future generations. The new method has many opponents who insist that despite the replacement of defective mitochondria, the fetus can develop other types of mutations at the gene level.

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