The British are more often obese - scientists

Official data service of the European Union says - UK residents often suffer from obesity and diseases associated with this pathology.

Scientists have noted that obesity is widespread both among adults and among children. Often the owners overfeed their Pets.

Obesity was diagnosed in 2.3 million children. Annually from the pathology associated with being overweight, dying about 40 thousand people in Britain alone.

The main cause of obesity is lack of nutrition, transition to harmful foods high in fat and fast carbs. These active substances are deposited in the body.

Another interesting fact that the average child from Britain consumes food from fast food two times more than the same child and America. Accordingly, the problem of obesity over the foggy Albion occurs twice as often.

Doctors and scientists agree: the nation's health starts with a healthy diet and ecology. Do not neglect exercise. Only then the problem can be overcome.

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