The bright plumage of the birds compensates for their poor singing

Ornithologists from the UK found that the bright plumage of the birds as a compensation for the bad singing. Just and the reverse situation – the inconspicuous bird, the better she sings. To such conclusion scientists have come, having analysed the phenotypes of 259 groups of birds associated "sister" relationship. In experiment took part 518 species of birds. His goal was to identify the relationship between the brightness of the plumage, which is a fundamental criterion in the choice of sexual partner in birds, and singing, serving a key feature of signal modality birds.

The result of a large-scale study was revealed a negative correlation between melodic singing and the intensity of the colors of feathers even taking into account the amendments on the environment, interspecific interactions and other features in the considered ecosystems.

Among the main indicators of singing was adopted its length, height and speed, and the coloration of feathers was estimated by total dichromatism. It turned out that between song and plumage there is a negative correlation: males that did not differ from females by color, singing is more diverse. Males with bright, multicolored plumage, the females of which had less Executive appearance, singing was more monotonous.

Scientists believe that this pattern is due to the complexity of the evolutionary development of both factors attracting females, in connection with which the males of some species of bird evolution went in the direction of improving the singing of the data, and others – in the direction of enhance color intensity and color variation of plumage.

However, some birds in sexual selection not only help painting or singing, but also dancing males, the purpose of which is not only attracting females but also further strengthening monogamy bird family.

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