The bread is fresh and soft, it is sometimes harmful

Compatibility rules products with bread quite a bit, but they just need to know, in order to avoid further trouble and health problems.

Bread - our daily menu is one of the most controversial products. How to choose a tasty, crispy bread many already know. However, there is also a question of what you need to know and how best bread combined. Svetlana FSD - doctor and nutritionist scientific and technical centre "Viria" says: "the Bread just combines beautifully with almost all kinds of vegetables (the exception here may be only potatoes), as well as foods that have dairy environment (yogurt, buttermilk, sour cream, fermented baked milk, etc.). For example, the sandwiches you can do with cheese or with cheese, to eat bread with various vegetable salads or vegetable stew."

But with meat (all kinds) bread to eat Svetlana FSD does not recommend. After all, meat, and bakery products themselves are products of sufficiently heavy to digest, besides the bread due to the dietary fiber will help in stopping the absorption of iron in the body.

"That's why their combination is highly undesirable," summed up dietitian.

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