The brain of the women hurt detox diet

Detox diet is considered the most useful not only for cleaning the body, but also to get rid of excess fat "deposits", and also to improve the skin condition. But is this diet healthy? World renowned nutritionists Wendy Elbowes and Paul Simpson told how the female body can harm the detox diet. Fans of this kind of diet Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce and Anne Hathaway.

All cleansing diets mainly based on the fact that from the usual menu excluded groups of products considered to be "harmful". Be sure the drinking water in large quantities of fruits and vegetables. For successful detoxification medications laxative action or enemas.

Dr. Wendy Elbowes believes that the detox diet is a little similar to religious fasting, but only with the difference that believers post keep within the established Canon of the periods, and the detox diet women usually keep at its discretion. But severely limits food they are practically equivalent.

In Internet stores and pharmacies sell many drugs that are intended for detox-cleansing the body. These cleanings are designed to liberate the female body from excess harmful food additives, swelling, alcohol, inflammatory processes on the skin surface, and to produce "debug" digestive function.

The most popular detox diets are: lemon, grape and fruit diet. Dr. Elbowes believes that they are all equally affect women's body, because he feels a state of shock. In this case, there is a sharp decrease in the number of calories and glucose, respectively, decreases. Glucose in the body is a kind of "fuel", which is necessary for the activity of the brain. As you know, the brain in our body plays the role of the governing body of work of all organs.

"When detox-diet - notes Elbowes, muscle tissue undergoes atrophy. As a result, the tissues do not get fat. That's the reason and temporary weight reduction. But there are many significant side effects, manifested as irritability, nervousness, tremor, visual disturbances, and in some cases, even a mild euphoria. All this is common side effects of low blood sugar. Paul Simpson, in turn, warns that a detox diet is extremely harmful for the kidneys.

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