The brain of a normal person not like the brain of albert Einstein

Researchers from the University of Florida became interested in previously unpublished photographs of the brain of albert Einstein, which shows the entire cortex of the great scientist.

Scientists of the University have made the analysis of 14 images. The publication of the results of research testifies to the opening of the striking physical differences between Einstein's brain from the brain of an ordinary man. First of all, the difference in the prefrontal cortex (the frontal lobes). Scientists from physics, it is evaluated as "extraordinary". Due to the shape and size of this part of the brain, according to researchers, has developed outstanding cognitive ability Einstein. According to the former view, brain genius physics was spherical shape; however, this is refuted by researchers.

Despite the fact that the contents of the cranium Einstein not like the contents of the skull of the average inhabitant of the Earth, until the end is not known, as the size, dimensions and shape of the brain affect intellectual ability. However, in the image of the brain of albert Einstein looks exciting. Perhaps this explains the secret of the genius of a person who is in one row with the greatest minds of all times and peoples.

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