The brain is aging faster than previously believed, scientists

The brain of man has always remained a mystery to scientists who are making huge efforts to unravel its mysteries. Previously it was thought that the process of regression in the neurons of the brain begins to 60 years. However, recent studies show that this process starts much earlier - at the age of 45.

In the present study involved 7 thousand people aged 45 to 70 years. The trial was carried out for 10 years. Each volunteer has passed the test assesses vocabulary and perception of spoken language.

It turned out that the brain begins to regress already in the 45-49 years. Mental average falls by 3.6% during this period. In 65-70 years intellect falls to 9.6% of men and 7.4% among women.

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In addition, during the research it was proved that increased sugar has a negative impact on the functioning of the hippocampus. This structure of the brain plays a important for learning and memory.

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