The brain compensates for the functions of broken hands with healthy limbs

Wearing tires or plaster after breaking hand can lead to reconfigure your brain, says Nicolas Langer from the University of Zurich in Switzerland. The study showed that fixation of the limb causes the brain to form new connections.In the study, researchers studied a group of right-handed people injured right hand, which was immobilized at least 14 days and was completely motionless during the whole study.As a result, the participants had to use the non-dominant, left hand for everyday activities such as washing, using a toothbrush, eating or writing.The group went through two brain MRI: the first two days after injury, and the second after 16 days of wearing a plaster cast or a sling. Scan measured the amount of gray and white matter in the brain. Motor skills of the participants, including the movement of hands ,wrists, and fingers, were also tested. The study showed that the amount of gray and white matter in the left part of the brain decreased to 10 percent, and in the right side of the brain has increased in size. The free limb is also significantly improved their skills. Structural changes in the brain, scientists associated with the transfer of skills from his right to his left.

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