The brain children of the village more efficient functioning of the brain of the city

Contrary to popular belief, children born and raised in the countryside, thought processes are better than urban children. In other words, rural children are often smarter than their peers from big cities.

In the course of research conducted by scientists at the University of California (USA), was tested more than two thousand children. The results clearly confirmed the higher level of IQ of most of the rural children. The researchers suggested that the cause of this phenomenon is the difference in the ecological situation in the town and village. The PM10 particles, which saturated the city air getting into the body of the mother during period of gestation of the fetus, affect the development of the embryo: harmful particles provoke inflammatory processes of the placenta, that adversely affects a developing organism. Inflammation, in turn, leads to violation supply of the fetus with oxygen and certain nutrients that causes a disruption of cognitive functions of the baby.

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