The bra does not save a woman's Breasts from sagging

Not for the first time, scientists have conducted research concerning quite spicy details of a woman's wardrobe. This time against wearing a bra was made by scientists from France. They believe that the role of wearing a bra is very overrated. In addition, its wear can cause the opposite effect than expected. Women are of the opinion that it is necessary to wear a bra for the chest did not drooping. In addition, manufacturers lingerie argue that if you choose the right mentioned item of women's wardrobe, it not only will allow owners of large Breasts to have fit the bust, but also significantly reduce the load on the back muscles.

In this case, French scientists completely refute this assertion. Professor Jean-Denis Raion of Bezancon University after fifteen years of research has established that both physiological and anatomical point of view of the female breast is absolutely nothing wins, because it is less affected by gravitational forces. In addition, on the contrary, from wearing a bra Breasts even bigger mouth. This conclusion French Professor came after a study made by the University hospital of besançon, which was attended by 130 women aged from 18 to 35 years. One of the participants of the experiment stated that after two years ago, she refused to wear a bra, she fell back pain and better posture.

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Held earlier American scientists study found that those women who are more than 12 hours wear the bra without taking off, 10 percent more likely to experience they have breast cancer than the female who refuse to wear it. And women who even sleep in a bra, the likelihood of breast cancer increases up to 125 times.

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