The boy who became a girl 17 years old, wants to return to your floor

RIA Cooper known as the youngest Briton who have changed their gender. The girl he was 17 years of age. But after one year after surgery, 18-year-old girl from portable suffering dreams back to become a guy.

It has cancelled scheduled for January surgery to change their sex and stopped taking hormonal drugs for breast augmentation. At the request of the girls, the sex change made it "absolutely miserable".

Despite the fact that the first sex-change operation was carried out after a thorough psychological examination at the clinic, she is becoming a woman, faced with deep depression and had made two suicide attempts.

Hormones made a girl character variable: it is absolutely happy, you want to part with life. Journalists RIA told that often drank, tried to cut wrists, a lot of thought about his loneliness and separation from family after taken its decision.

RIA Cooper was born a boy before her name was brad. From the age of 12 she began to wear clothes for girls, and after 15 years went to the doctors for help to become a woman.

But as it is, she has not found happiness. Trying to get rid of loneliness, she even worked as a prostitute.

Hormone therapy increased the emotional and sexual attraction girls. But, in her confession, she failed to meet a man, who from her was something else besides sex.

She is now hoped that, once again becoming a guy will be more successful in finding love, and also be able to establish a relationship with the family. In addition, Cooper believes that the return of the male will give her the opportunity to serve in the army and to achieve success in a military career.

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