The blow your nose deemed ineffective when cold

As it turned out, the perception that during the cold need to constantly blow your nose, is nothing more than a delusion. The blow your nose completely ineffective as a means of combating excessive mucus in the nose. It not only does not help, but can, in addition, to hurt - because when blowing the nose mucus is pushed deep into the nasal sinuses.

The mucus contains a huge number of microbes and infections, which can cause much more complications.

When cold, doctors are advised to use special drugs affecting the blood vessels in the nose. They reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa, and reduce the flow of blood. When using these drugs, it should be remembered that they are contraindicated for people with heart disease, suffering from hypertension, diabetes and glaucoma. This is because these drugs cause fast heartbeat, which ultimately leads to increased blood pressure.

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When selecting this product, people with contraindications should opt for the medicine that is based on the sea water as it sprays cause sneezing and dryness in the throat and mouth, and tablets fraught with the aforementioned consequences. Sea water is completely harmless, and effective, if you regularly clean the nose.

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