The blood test will give information about the threat of diabetes

Human blood carries information regarding the risk of developing type II diabetes. Note that the disease usually occurs after the age of 30-40 years and is associated with obesity, genetics and the wrong way of life.

Often the blood sugar in people with prediabetes does not give the desired information. The standard blood test measures the level of glucose to a specific point in time. Its level can be affected by many factors. Glycosylated hemoglobin is a new indicator, which has already established itself both in Russia and abroad, writes the Indian Express.

The test recommended by leading endocrinologists. The information obtained is accurate and lets you set proximity of the onset of diabetes. The higher the blood sugar, the more the formation of glycated hemoglobin.

It is believed that the level of glycated hemoglobin above 6.5% indicates the presence of diabetes, and from 5.7 - 6.4% of the state of prediabetes, when the doctors and the man should pay attention to their health.

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