The blocking signal from a small area of the brain will cure patients with depression

Scientists have found the part of the brain responsible for motivation for continuous improvement and training. Acting on it is possible to save the depressed patients from their illness, writes Science World Report.

The leash of epithalamus is present in humans and in laboratory mice. Therefore, the projection obtained from animal data is justified in relation to the person. Most likely, the structure has a similar function and structure.

Scientists blocked the signals from the leash of epithalamus brain of mice. While the animals developed symptoms of apathy and depression: the lack of traction to sweet water, reduced locomotor activity. The same happens in depressed patients. They lose motivation and desire to do something.

Mouse, say the scientists, after a change in the work patterns of the brain has ceased to run on the cell, although their physical indicators remained. The nervous system is directly connected not only with the behavior, but also with physical activity of living organisms. Experts plan to continue to do their direction and discover new secrets of brain functioning.

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