The birthday for life deadly

The risk of death on the day of birth is noticeable when compared to other days of the year, warn the authors of a new study from Switzerland. On this day people lurk heart attacks and strokes.

During the researchers analyzed data on more than two million people and scientists came to the conclusion that the risk of death from stroke, heart attack, cases of suicide or from any accident, on the day of birth increases.

On average, among men over the age of 60 years the chance to step in the world during the celebration of the birth increased by 14%. The risk of getting a heart attack is increased by 18.6 percent, and the risk of stroke increased by an alarming 21.5 percent.

"For the life of the birthday of the most dangerous than you can expect. Than older people, respectively, higher risk of death in this festive day," say researchers from the University of Zurich. On the day, which is celebrated once a year, suicidal thoughts come much more often, making the risk of death as a result of suicide is increased by 34.9%. The risk of accidents not related to the vehicle, for example, falls, rises to 44 percent.

Psychologists can't understand what explains this pattern. They tend to believe that the risk of death during the celebration of the day of his birth may have a significant influence of such factors as banal overeating, alcohol consumption and, of course, stress.

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