The best way to restore the body after a workout is tomato juice

A group of researchers from Greece found that tomato juice contains a lot of nutrients, which is more than enough, so that the body recovered after physical exertion. Scientists have found that after drinking tomato juice restores muscle function and normalized blood counts. From this point of view, tomato juice is much healthier than drinks-energy, most of which contain synthetic antioxidants.

In the experiment conducted by the Greeks, was attended by 15 athletes. Its duration was 2 months, and during all that time, scientists measured the vital indicators of athletes before, during and after a workout.

9 participants after the training used the juice from the tomatoes, and the remaining 6 athletes drank their favorite energy drinks, as with gas or without. Athletes from the first group were better recovered efficiency, and quickly came to normal level of glucose in the blood.

As you know, tomatoes contain such a useful compound as lycopene. Thanks to him, these vegetables have the characteristic color. Included in the tomatoes antioxidants help the human body in dealing with such serious diseases as cardiovascular and cancer. People who consume large quantities of tomatoes, which, incidentally, are one of the components of the Mediterranean diet live longer than those who do not consume tomatoes, or use them in small quantities.

In the body of athletes after training in a large number accumulate some proteins and enzymes which damage the nervous and muscular systems. Drinking tomato juice, athlete leads to normal content in his body mentioned substances. This, however, will require 2 months of regular consumption of tomato juice, writes the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology.

Previously, similar results came from the Swedish scientists. Conducted Scandinavian scientists study was that the group of volunteers worked on simulators for twenty minutes before until the frequency of the heart rate was 80 percent of the allowable limits. Then the volunteers was taken a blood on the analysis. It turned out that if you use regular tomato juice, 5 weeks the level of oxidants becomes normal.

Regarding "power engineers, scientists advised them to replace the juice from the tomatoes or milk, or plain water, the BBC reports.

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