The best remedy for a hangover is asparagus

Asparagus shoots eaten before a meal, will save from alcohol withdrawal syndrome. This is due to the fact that asparagus contains large amounts of amino acids, which accelerate the decomposition of alcohol. The leaves of the asparagus is so rich in minerals and amino acids that can ease the process of hangover.

South Korean scientists from the Institute of medical Sciences and the National University Jeju was studied mechanism of action of this plant on the human body, according to Fox News.

The asparagus extract protects the liver by reducing the toxicity, a large number of amino acids in asparagus stimulates enzymes that accelerate the process of disintegration products of alcohol.

The study showed that those volunteers who drank the liquid content of the extract of asparagus, it is easier tolerated alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

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In addition, asparagus also has other useful properties: it copes with fungus and is a good diuretic.

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